As a first time home buyer I needed a home inspection done (with little time to organize) and I really had no idea what to expect. I found Yama’s service online (via Yelp) and it had some good reviews so I decided to call. In short, let’s just say I was glad I called!

I spoke with Yama and from the very beginning (even over the phone) he was personable and gained my trust right away. I asked a lot of questions over the phone and he was extremely patient and he answered each of the questions with knowledgeable, well informed responses.

We booked the inspection for the following day and Yama was there early to greet us. On the way into the house the current owners were on their way out and he remained personable, professional and very respectful. Then we met the agent and again he was the same way. I may not know much about home inspections but reading people is one of my strong points and my impression of Yama was great from start to finish.

As for the actual inspection of the house Yama took the time to explain each of the things he was finding. He identified many issues and recommended ways to fix each of the problems. He also let me know what issues were a “priority” to fix and what things could wait. Because we are first time home buyers, this was very important as every penny counts right now.

I remember at one point during the inspection we were having trouble finding the hatch for the attic and someone said “I guess there’s no way in”. Yama calmly replied “Yama will always find the way”. This summed up the whole experience for me. He’s just simply really good at what he does and it’s quite clear he cares a lot about what he does.

The inspection took about 3.5 hours to complete and was worth every second. As a result of this experience I feel much more clear on what issues we have to take care of first and what can wait awhile. I would completely recommend his service to anyone considering having an inspection done. Because of him I felt a lot more comfortable with the whole home buying experience.

Thank you so much Yama! You’re great at what you do!

Mike and Reaksmey


Yama is also a contractor and we’ll surely be calling him for any future renovations!