Welcome to the home inspection in Mississauga!

Golden Home Inspections presents an exclusive and comprehensive inspection of your property through our experienced home and commercial inspectors in Mississauga!

Why home inspections are necessary?

Home inspections in Mississauga have become an integral part of buying a property in the area. Home inspections provide a complete overview of the properties to be sold or purchased. With both interiors and exteriors examined thoroughly by the certified professionals, it gives accountability to the buyer and the seller, before they sit to sign the agreement of sale and purchase.

What does a property inspection include?

Our home inspector in Mississauga follows the guidelines and standards set by the National Association of Home Inspectors (NACHI) thereby conforming to their practices. No invasive damage to the property is done through these inspections, which lasts for about two to four hours. A hard copy of the report or an email report is provided with the pictures of the property taken at various areas in the course of the inspection.

What will be checked during a home inspection?

The home inspectors in Mississauga do a complete inspection of exteriors and interiors. On the exteriors, the structure of the building including foundation and wall quality, roofing, drainage, drip edges, and other such essential areas are inspected. The attic is also inspected for proper venting, insulation and the building materials used for construction.

The home inspection of interiors involves an exhaustive account of everything from kitchen and storage spaces, the windows and banisters, egress and insulation and the fireplace. Laundry areas, bathrooms, and other spaces are also inspected for leakage or any other plumbing issues. The asbestos plasters and paints are checked for quality and the present condition and finish.

Inspection of Commercial Spaces

Buying a commercial space in Mississauga involves a lot of paperwork and money. The safety of the buyer and seller both are at stake in such big property dealings. Our commercial inspector in Mississauga will inspect the commercial space for any issues and give a comprehensive report to help both buyer and seller to come to a complete agreement over the sale or the preparation of agreement of purchase and sale.

Golden home inspections only employ certified and experienced home inspectors with years of accumulated knowledge about inspecting properties, both commercial and private. Call us or book online for a private review of your homes or office spaces to make the sale safe and certified.

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