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Home Inspection Brampton

We are certified and professional home inspectors operating from Brampton and offer complete and comprehensive inspection of homes and condos in the area. Be it a smaller condo or a bigger home, we specialize in making it our duty to inspect every inch of it before it goes for a sale or buys.

Home inspections in Brampton

Our home inspectors in Brampton are skilled professionals who have been in the job of inspecting homes and commercial spaces for several years now. With thousands of inspected properties behind them, they know a leaky faucet or faulty insulation when they see one.

Why choose us?

Apart from our experienced and expert home inspectors, we have a standard protocol set according to the practicing standards of the National Association of Home Inspectors or the NACHI. Our inspectors understand the value of a property and privacy and take minimum time required to inspect a property. A minimum of two hours to a maximum of four hours is what it takes to complete a property inspection by them. Our non-invasive inspections are done with safety and security point of view and also in an understanding that we do it at the request of the buyer or the seller. For more details on our inspection services in Brampton, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section…

Meticulous Reports after every inspection

The job of our home inspectors does not end with inspecting the interiors and the exteriors of a home. They check out the rooftops, attics and other spaces for insulation, bathrooms, and kitchens for leaks and plumbing work, and many more such exhaustive searches are done to provide a meticulous report at the end of each inspection.

Every home inspector in Brampton prepares exhaustive lists of items or areas inspected and the complaints identified or quality problems located. This report consists of several parts where each area of the house is targeted and the items that are inspected displayed against their condition. With every single item or area inspected for defects/faults or problems, the report carries a good weight when the property goes for sale.

The benefits of a thorough inspection are shared by both the buyer and seller – a buyer gets his property listed with a clear mind and a seller purchases it knowing its worth and quality.

How to request a home inspection?

At Golden home inspections, we are always ready to help you! Call us or contact us with your address and we will plan a home inspection for you in Brampton!

Looking for inspection services outside Brampton? We are available in Toronto, Ajax, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Pickering and many more places. Call us now!