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Inspection Services offered

Whether you’re a new home buyer, buying or selling a resale home, purchaser of commercial property or want to check the conditions of your existing home, Golden Home Inspections is here to serve you. We conduct home inspections for the following purposes:

  • Pre-listing Inspection (Before you list your home for sale)
  • Pre-purchase Inspection (Before you purchase a home usually a condition of your agreement of purchase and sale)
  • Pre-delivery home Inspection (To verify new home phase completions and pre-delivery)
  • Renovation Construction Deficiency Inspections
  • Walk Through Inspections
  • Preventive, Seasonal, or Maintenance Property Inspections
  • New Home Phase Inspections
  • Infrared Thermal Inspections
  • lead Inspections
  • Mold Inspections
  • Asbestos Inspections
  • Air Quality test And Water Quality Tests (To check the air and water quality of your home)
  • Radon Gas Inspections or Radon Testing.

We also conduct inspections of the following properties:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial buildings

What’s Included:

Our inspections include a visual examination of the structural, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating and water systems, as well as all areas of the building including but not limited to the roof, attic and basement and conform to the National Association of Home Inspectors’ (NACHI) Standards of Practice. We will not perform any invasive damage to your property. Our Inspections are between two to four hours long and at the end we provide you with a hard copy report or email you one with pictures your choice.


Grading, drainage, drip edges, eaves and downspouts, stairs, railings, walkways, retaining walls, decks and porches, exterior finishes such as siding and brick veneer, stucco, masonary, trim, all protrusions through the home, to the outside, including intake and exhaust vents, windows and doors, electrical service entrance, natural gas service, central air conditioning components, garages, garage doors and door openers, exposed foundation walls and close by trees, shrubs and vines which may be causing or have the ability to cause future problems.


Foundation, walls, floors, ceilings, columns, beams and roof members. These are the components that incorporate the real strength or skeleton of the home and are very costly if overlooked. Various cracks, settling of the foundation etc.


Roofing material and its overall condition, coverings, drainage, flashings, drip edges, chimneys, skylights, eaves and soffits and downspouts, vents and all protrusions through the decking and covering and any visible issues with the roof.


Proper Venting, insulation, structure of the building material.


Ceilings, walls, floors, stairs, railings n banisters, windows, doors, egress and insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, fireplace, also keeping in mind lead usage in paint and asbestos in plaster for home built before 80’s but further testing would be required if there is any signs of it present.


Fridge, stove, dishwasher if present and their overall condition, cabinets, sinks, faucets, drainage, ventilation, outlets and lights.

Laundry Rooms

Ventilation, Plumbing, receptacles, lights, cabinetry, tubs, taps and faucets and overall visual condition of washer and dryer if present.


Tubs, sinks, taps and faucets, toilets, showers, valves, cabinets, exhaust fans, drains, piping and functional water flow along with signs of mold or moisture with our electronic moisture meter and other cutting edge tools.


Condition of furnaces and boilers, radiators, heat rise of running furnace, flues, piping, ducting, air flow at registers, filtration, thermostat controls, heat recovery ventilators and humidifiers when present.


The A/C Unit, It’s condition, thermostat controls, line temperatures and air flows at registers and it’s output.


Main entrance and shut off, piping materials, supply and waste piping along with venting, cross connections, hose bibs, clean-outs, water pressure, flow, hot water heaters, gas supply pipes, meter and main shut off, traps and drain flow.


Main service entrance, distribution panels, amperage plus voltage of service, main shut off, branch circuit conductors and their over current protection, receptacles, polarity and grounding, switches and light fixtures, we also look for knob and tube wiring plus alloy wiring for the distribution system.


Garage doors, openers, automatic closers, floors and gas proofing seals, outlets etc.

And Much more…


If you are considering buying commercial property, we strongly recommend arranging an inspection as a condition of your purchase agreement to reveal any potential deficiencies or repair problems that could cost you many thousands of dollars. Golden Home Inspections provides full inspections of commercial property including apartment buildings, retail and industrial complexes in the GTA.

Protect Yourself

Purchasing a commercial property in Ontario is a completely different type of investment than purchasing residential real estate and requires a different set of skill sets and knowledge. Further, a commercial property investment can cost millions of dollars. Before your consider commercial real estate purchases, please ensure that you obtain an inspection by a qualified and licensed commercial real estate inspector who will report on the condition of the building and any hidden deficiencies, including structural and safety concerns that could significantly increase the cost of your investment.

If you require further information about our commercial real estate inspections, please phone us at 647-704-7100.

Yama’s Services

Yama, the principal of Golden Home Inspections, provides a full range of home inspection and building services. Yama and his colleagues can assist you whether you are buying a residential or commercial property or simply want to learn more about your home’s regular maintenance needs.

We also inspect furnaces and wood stoves to ensure they are WETT certified and can inspect your home for the presence of radon gas.

Call us at 647-704-7100 to meet your home or building inspection needs. We can provide you with flexible appointments to suit your schedule.

If you’re not in the GTA, please call us to determine if we can arrange an inspection in your neighbourhood.

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