Selling of commercial property at Toronto will not be that easy until and unless commercial property inspection is done to know about the areas of concern. When one hires a Commercial Real Estate Property Inspector Toronto, his/her job will be to assist owners or buyers in analyzing the repair and maintenance work needed. This is important in order to create a positive impact on prospective investors. The common types of commercial inspection Toronto services include:

  • Site Characteristics: In this step, the professionals will check the paving, landscaping as well as utilities of the property.

  • Structural Frame: Checking of the Foundation, walls, ceilings, floors, columns and also the beams will be made by the experts. All these structures together form the skeleton of the property and so checking the strength will be important. Buyer may need to bear expensive repair costs if timely inspection is not done before signing the agreement with the seller.

  • Roof Surface Areas: The condition of the roof of the commercial property need to be analyzed before the transaction happens. Chances of leakage, breakage, missing tiles or crack are common to see in average aged properties. Proper repair is mandatory to be done before you list the property for selling.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems: There are so many mechanical and electrical circuits present in the property. Proper checking of the Main service entrance, amperage plus voltage, distribution panels, main, and branch circuit conductors need to be done to ensure the distribution system is safe for use.

  • Plumbing Systems: Just like the electrical system it is vital to check the plumbing and heating system of the property before you make a plan to sell the property. Under Commercial Real Estate Property Inspection Toronto services checking of the plumbing system is mandatory. All tubs, taps and faucets, showers, toilets, valves, drains, and piping will be checked.

  • Interior: Just like the exterior and structure of the house, the interior of the commercial property needs to be checked carefully. In which, the wall paint, tile flooring, fireplace and also the plasters of the wall need to be checked before preparing the agreement papers.

The job of a commercial property inspector is very crucial if you want to sell your property at a good price. From the buyer end, we will say that it will be a blunder if you buy a property which is not inspected by industry experts. Always check inspection report before you buy.