What is Home Inspection?

A home inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector involves a walk-through of all areas of your home or building in order to note its present condition and deficiencies. Often, home inspections are conducted as a condition of an agreement of purchase and sale. Once a purchaser is satisfied that a potential property does not require expensive repairs, s/he may waive the condition in the agreement and the sale becomes final.

Areas of the home that a home inspector will inspect includeplumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation and water systems, the structural elements of the home, the foundation, the attic, the roof and the basement. In addition, an inspector will make note of the general state of the housing envelope and property. An inspection report will describe the condition of each of these components and will detail any repairs required including safety or fire hazards.

A home inspection report will describe the condition of each component of a property and indicate whether repairs are needed and when. A home inspector will not indicate whether a home passes or fails an inspection. Most purchasers of residential real estate opt for a home inspection in order to be aware of potential repair costs later on. Home inspections are not regulated by legislation. Despite this, Golden Home Inspections holds itself to high professional standards and unlike many inspection companies, is insured with liability and errors and omissions insurance.

Inspection of the home is a mandatory process for the buyers and sellers. We conduct a commercial inspection in Toronto, of all homes and living spaces. Our expert home inspectors can do a thorough condos inspection, and get to the root cause of any problem that might crop in during the checks.

Our home inspection in Toronto is aimed at providing a comprehensive quality check of all essential areas in a home, including the plumbing and heating. Any small defects or problems can be assessed during these commercial inspections to make it easier for the buyers or sellers to put in a relevant clause in their agreement of purchase and sale.

The home inspectors in Mississauga are trained in doing an overall home inspection of smaller and larger living spaces. Irrespective of the condition mentioned in the agreement, our inspections are aimed at a proof when purchasing a home.

Our condo inspections are not constrained only to an integral part of the house structure. There are elements such as the foundation of the home and its insulation are checked before preparing the report.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Report

At Golden Home inspections, we strongly believe in the values of integrity, loyalty to our clients and trust. To keep up to this promise, every condo inspection in Toronto or a home inspection in Brampton is accompanied by a comprehensive home inspection report.

The report prepared by our experts will carry all the essential requirements of a home inspection or a condo inspection, and thereby facilitating the conditions for sale. We are certified home inspectors of homes in Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga. We deal with condos, homes, offices and other living space inspections before and during the sale. Call us to get your home checked before selling or buying!

Condo Inspection

  • Upto 1000 sq ft
  • Complete Inspection
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Water Quality Test

Home Inspection

  • Upto 2000 sq ft
  • Complete Inspection
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Water Quality Test

Commercial Inspection

  • Upto 2000 sq ft
  • Complete Inspection
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Water Quality Test

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