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Seller's Inspection

If you are considering selling your home, you may want to consider having a home inspection before you list your home. A home inspection will reveal if there are any deficiencies that you need to address before putting your home on the market. A home that requires repairs will not fetch as high a price as a home that is in excellent condition. Further, it may take longer to sell.

Buyer's Inspection

When you make an offer to buy a house, make sure to include a condition allowing you to obtain a home inspection before the agreement becomes binding. Obtaining a buyer's inspection will ensure that you are apprised of the true condition of the home and the dollar amount required to address immediate and future repairs. You can use this home inspection report for leverage to negotiate a lower price for the home. Without a buyer's inspection, you could find yourself purchasing a home that needs, for example, costly structural repairs or thousands of dollars for a new roof.

Your real estate agent will probably recommend a home inspection company. Please be aware, however, that your agent has a vested interested in you receiving a good home inspection report since they will not get paid if you do not buy the home. This situation presents a conflict of interest for the real estate agent.

We recommend that you have a home inspection conducted by a third party inspector, independent of your real estate agent, so that you will obtain an unbiased home inspection report that outlines the true deficiencies of the home and the dollar amount required by you to repair those deficiencies.

Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance Inspections are conducted every few years to ensure that all components of your home including structural, electrical, plumbing, ventilation and mechanical systems are all functioning properly. Identifying relatively minor repairs now means less damage to systems in the long run and less expense. You will avoid costly, emergency repairs that you may need to undertake if you ignore regular maintenance of your home. Good maintenance of your home means that you will not be faced with surprise repairs that can cost you thousands of dollars when you go to sell your house.

New Construction Inspection

If you are buying a newly-constructed home, you will want to have a New Construction Inspection just before you take ownership of the home. Your home builder's representative will accompany you and the home inspector during the inspection. Any deficiencies noted in the inspection report can be reported to the builder who can be required to make these repairs before you take possession of your new home. Don't rely on the builder's inspector to point out the deficiencies since he/she is biased towards the builder. Obtaining a New Construction Inspection from an independent licensed home inspector is a lot simpler than arguing with the builder to get repairs done after you have moved in.

New Home Warranty Inspection

A New Home Warranty Inspection is recommended for new home buyers You must have the inspection conducted at least 30 days after possession of your new home and before a year has passed since possession. There are several reasons for this: Once you have moved into your new home, it may take some time to notice whether things are working properly. In fact, some of your new home's components may not start to malfunction until they have experienced some use or after the weather changes.

Any deficiencies identified during a New Home Warranty Inspection that has been conducted during the required period may be repaired without cost to you under the New Home Warranty Program.

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